Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Awesome Amiga games on your PC - The Easy Way!

Emulation is a wonderful thing. Regardless of your stance on the legal side of it, you have to admit that it is a fantastic way to archive and remember the classic games of yesteryear. With prices for many original copies of old titles skyrocketing, many would never get to experience them without the many excellent emulators available out there. Now, it is even easier for PC users to experience the joys of Commodore's 16-bit machine.

The guys over at http://thecompany.pl/ have lovingly turned all your Amiga favorites (and many you may never have heard of) into easy to run .exe files for your PC. While I am not sure of the legality of this, I do know that they have done a sterling job, and it makes running Amiga games an absolute doddle. With no loading times, instant joypad support (my Xbox 360 controller works a treat), visual filters and compatibility with all versions of Windows, enjoying Amiga games has never been more straightforward.

Superfrog is one of the best platformers on the system, and is 
receiving a new HD update on PS3 this year

There are a plethora of titles to choose from, and I urge you to head over there as soon as humanly possible and sign up. The simple (and free) registration process will allow you to download any of the games in their extensive list. Now you can boot up classics such as The Chaos Engine, Lemmings, Cannon Fodder, Assassin, SuperFrog, Alien Breed : Tower Assault, Gods, Yo Jo, Benefactor, Toki, Supercars, Ruff N Tumble, Walker, Super Stardust and many, many more - at the click (well, double click) of your mouse. 

Cannon Fodder combines extreme violence and humour, resulting in 
one of the most downright fun war games ever made

The most recent additions to the site are four 2d platformers. The first, Flood, is a strange game by Bullfrog that tasks you with finding the exit while racing against a rising torrent of water. Toki is the Amiga port (by Ocean Software) of the classic arcade game that has you playing as the titular ape, spitting fireballs at a charming array of enemies. The other two are both more puzzle based platformers, Benefactor is an exciting game which sees you avoiding monsters, rescuing tiny creatures and using levers and touchplates to complete puzzles - it also has some of the tiniest sprites ever to grace a platform game, while the final offering, PP Hammer & His Pheumatic Weapon gives your player a jackhammer to drill with and plays quite similarly to the NES game Digger T Rock.

Bullfrog's Flood is a very strange title that can be quite confusing

The Amiga port of Toki is the best home conversion available

It may have tiny sprites but Benefactor is still 
engaging and heaps of fun

PP Hammer lets you drill blocks in order to solve basic puzzles

I am currently engaged in playing many of these titles myself, so watch out for some Amiga game reviews coming soon on Retro Spirit Games. In the mean time, click the following link and get downloading. Relive those classic 16-bit computer games you no-doubt loved growing up, or find out why the Commodore Amiga is held in such high regard. Whether playing these titles on the original hardware, via the UAE emulator, or in this new standalone format via Thecompany.plyou are guaranteed to have a whale of a time.

 Pinball Fantasies is one of the best pinball games of all time

 Banshee shows that the Amiga can hold its own when it 
comes to vertical shooters

 Sticky platformer Globdule is a nice change from your 
run of the mill 2D run and jump games

Xenomorph ass kicking is the name of the game in
 the awesome Alien Breed series

Click the link below to visit the site.