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Websites worth visiting:

Game Jolt - cool place for free indie games

T.I.G. Source - A fantastic source of Indie Gaming news

Lemon64 - For all your Commodore 64 needs

LemonAmiga - For everything Amiga

Adult Swim - Some great quirky Indie Browser games

Doomworld - For fans of Doom - get your mods here

Game Mods & Addons - The ultimate source for game mods & addons

NES-bit - A forum dedicated to the Nintendo NES

Freeware Remakes - A great archive of freeware games

Red Parsley - Awesome blog dedicated to all things Retro

We Love DOS Games - for all you MSDOS Fans

Videogame Critic - Reviews for all consoles from Atari to Xbox

Retro Sanctuary - Great site featuring everything retro, from Atari to Dreamcast. Includes some great 'Top 100' features.

Retro Spec - Wonderful free remakes of 8-bit classics

Indiegame Reviewer

Pixel Prospector

Super Adventures in Gaming

Books & Magazines:

Retro Gamer Magazine - The ultimate magazine dedicated to retro gaming

Pixel Nation - Very cool fanzine book by diehard retro fans

Hive Books (great 8-bit books)

Video Game Music:

Commodore 64 Remixes - Very cool remixes of C64 classics

Video Game Remixes - More great video game remixes

Disasterpeace (creator of the Fez OST and more)

Superflat / Space Recordings (creator of the Soul Brother OST)

Cold Storage Creator of the Wipeout Playstation One Soundtracks

Indie Loop Garden

Richard Jacques (Video Game Composer)