Thursday, 4 July 2013

Commander Video - New retro Bit.Trip Runner game

Great news for fans of Commander Video's retro shenanigans contained in Runner 2 (Future Legend of Rhythm Alien). Gaijin Games have created a brand new game staring the titular hero that focuses purely on the retro vibe.

Using the 16-bit look, as well as the awesome chiptune soundtrack, of Runner 2's fantastic bonus stages, Commander video takes the same great gameplay and brings it to your browser.
This infinite runner is a wonderful diversion and great fun to play. Controls are simplified to use only the direction keys and the space bar, and it instantly becomes second nature - leaving progress only down to your reflexes. As Commander Video dashes to the right you must either jump, duck, bloc, or kick your way through any obstacles that appear in your path. Simply stuff certainly, but extremely addictive and challenging.

There are online leaderboards and you can instantly tweet your score, should you wish to do so. So you can see how your skills compare to the big wide world.

I loved Runner 2, but I actually preferred the retro aesthetics of the bonus stages over the modern HD visuals of the standard levels, so this is right up my street. It is worth noting that the website recommends using either Internet Explorer or Safari, rather than Chrome, which can cause lag - obviously something you don't want in the twitch gameplay of an infinite runner!

Here's hoping this comes to mobile devices soon! Damn, I never thought I would hear myself saying that. 

Click here to start running: