Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Indie Action Platformer - Action Mogura - beta available

Action Mogura, or Action Mole if translated from its native Japanese, is a new action platformer with Metroidvania elements from developer, Kro Bon Station. Currently in the unfinished beta stage of development, this action packed uber-Japanese game has bags of potential. Featuring a chubby brown mole who is capable of hurling large Hadouken style fireballs at his robotic adversaries, it is clear that this is a game that doesn't take itself too seriously - though it can often to be hard to tell with Japanese games. 

After running through a short introductory stage that features hints of Castlevania and Mega Man, our heroic mole then visits a town where he converses with the townsfolk about.. well, I have absolutely no idea as the version I played featured complete gobbledegook as text (and No, it wasn't Japanese. How dumb do you think I am? Wait. Don't answer that!). Regardless, after skipping through the unintelligible text you move onto a stage set in a factory of some sort featuring laser-firing turrets and crushing mechanisms. Here you rescue one of the townsfolk who, when you return to the town, will award you with a wall-jump that enables you to collect a new weapon. All while a fairly ridiculous and frantic Japanese rock / funk soundtrack plays in the background.

From what I have played so far, Action Mogura looks like a game worth keeping an eye on. The visuals are cartoony and detailed, with some impressive background effects such as the rotating windmill, and the music is suitably bonkers. Joypad control is supported and thoroughly recommended. The only downer I encountered (aside from the unreadable dialogue) was some screen tearing - where's a v-sync option when you need it?

Overall, Action Mogura's rather silly nature, and Metroidvania elements have peaked my interest and I hope that the finished product can live up to this initial impression. 

You can download the beta version from the developers site, here.

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