Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Subdog - cute underwater collect-em-up for Android & PC

Dogs love bones, that's a well known fact.But what lengths will they go to to retrieve one of their prized treats? Well venturing into the hazard filled depths of the sea is something they will gladly risk if this new indie game from Dark Pixel & Oskey Studios is anything to go by. After a tentacled ocean beastie nabs the titular hero's bone from right under his nose, he dons his underwater apparatus and dives in without a moments hesitation. What follows is a straightforward 2D sidescroller, which plays a lot like the swimming sections in classic platformers such as Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Country, or... well, every other 80's and 90's platformer that featured a underwater stage. 

Using the touch screen controls, you must guide Subdog around the levels, avoiding spiky coral and underwater enemies such as sea urchins and jellyfish. While the left and right buttons so what you would expect, the other method of movement is via the tapping of the swim button to keep Subdog paddling upwards, with its release letting him drift downwards. It's simplicity itself, though, as per usual, the damn icons on a touch screen device means your fingers will be obscuring your view most of your time. Thankfully, Subdog is heading to PC soon, which means keyboard or joypad control. 

With delightful visuals that bring to mind the graphical style of Gameboy Colour games, Subdog certainly has plenty of retro appeal. It is also extremely tough, with multiple hazards standing in your way over the course of the 20 levels on offer. There are even some boss encounters thrown in to scupper Subdog's chances even further. Subdog is a nice diversion and is out now on the Android store and is completely free (though ads feature in-game) with the PC version following shortly.

Title : Subdog Underwater Adventure
Developer : Dark Pixel & Osky Studios
Year : 2014
System : Android
Also On : PC (coming soon)
Price : Free
Genre : 2D Sidescroller

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