Monday, 14 July 2014

Video Game Soundtrack Remixes - Toejam & Earl


I'm a sucker for decent videogame soundtrack remixes as they often remind you of how catchy the tunes of yesteryear were - the musicians using the basic hardware available at the time certainly knew how to write melodies that would stick in your head for years to come! While most of the remixes I enjoy fall into the electronic music category, most notably house or techno, this stella funk reworking of a memorable tune from classic Mega Drive game Toejam & Earl is one of the best remixes I have heard to date!

Taking the funky riffs and b-boy funk attitude of the original and reworking it with real instruments, sampled breaks and even well placed samples from the game itself, this effort from Jake 'Vert' Kaufman - recently known for his amazing 80's style soundtrack for Double Dragon Neon - is a fantastic homage to a cult classic.

You can check it out via the video below, or download it (along with many other videogame tune remixes) from Vert's personal page, here: Link