Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wolfenstein 3D demo ROM released for Sega Mega Drive

Great news for both retro console gamers and fans of the original first person shooter Wolfenstein 3D as it has finally found its way onto the Sega Mega Drive. Back in 1994, the Super Nintendo was lucky enough to get a port of Id Software's ground breaking title, but it was a heavily censored and very feeble looking port that wasn't a patch on the PC original. Still, it played well enough and was extremely popular. Now Mega Drive owners can finally get some payback as this unofficial port by Gasega68k blows the SNES version out of the water. It features a far less pixellated look that is much closer to the PC version, and the scrolling is incredibly smooth for the 16-bit system. Indeed, the whole affair is incredibly impressive, with 6-button controller support, digitised speech, the ability to save your game and graphical filters to further enhance the look of the game - though these, naturally, would only work on an emulator. 

I have played the demo and, as a huge fan of the original game, I strongly recommend you check it out. Not only is it a big technical achievement, but it's also great fun to play, and I was soon at the end of the demo craving more. Here's hoping that this talented programmer continues his work and that a full 6 episode version will see the light of day. Heck, maybe it will even see a physical cartridge release at some point (if this is possible). I, for one, would jump at the opportunity to add this to my games collection.

Just check out the video below to see the game in action, but I urge you to simply jump straight in and download the ROM and play it for yourself!

Download the ROM file and keep up to date with further updates here:

Wolfenstein 3D Beta ROM