Friday, 26 June 2015

Instant Remedy - Insert Disk 2 - Amiga Remix Album Out Now!

Instant Remedy - Insert Disk 2

Great news for fans of high quality remixes of classic videogame soundtracks : Instant Remedy's brand new album, Insert Disk 2 is now available for your listening pleasure! A follow up to his self titled debut album, Insert Disk 2 focuses on remixing classic Amiga game music, rather than those of the Commodore 64. The first album is one of my favourite videogame remix albums due to it's high quality production, thumping beats and and modernised versions of some of my favourite C64 melodies, so I was very excited to hear there would be an Amiga follow-up, and I have not been disappointed. 

For anyone who grew up playing Amiga games, many of these remixes will hit you with an instant wave of nostalgic glee! From the epic intro and bouncy techno stomp of album opener Battle Squadron; to the grin-inducing silliness of Seven Gates of Jambala; the cinematic beauty of Lost Patrol; the familiar rave sounds of Project X and hard hitting trance of Turrican, every track is a winner. Special mention must go to the two megamix tracks, which blend several reworkings of Jochen Hippel and Chris Huelsbeck's original Amiga compositions, clocking in at a whopping 13:59 and 17:06 minutes respectively. These two tracks cover a wide variety of moods and tempos, and will keep you thoroughly captivated throughout. 

It's very hard to choose my personal favourite tracks as I enjoy so many of them. All of the aforementioned tracks are brilliant, but if forced to choose, I would probably say I love Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and Project X the most, purely as those games are the most familiar to me. But whatever memories you have of Amiga game music (and providing you enjoy electronic dance music) you are bound to enjoy this LP. 

I would go as far as to say that I love Insert Disk 2 as much as the C64 remix predecessor, despite not recognising as many of the tunes this time around - One thing is for sure, though, the production quality is certainly higher here. The answer simple, buy both. You can thank me later!

You can visit the album's website, hosted by 010101Music, where you can find links to buy CD or digital versions of the LP, as well as stream it from services such as Spotify, here:

Instant Remedy - Insert Disk 2

Artist : Instant Remedy
Title : Insert Disk 2
Year : 2015
Label : 010101Music

Tracklist :
  1. Battle Squadron "Ingame" (4:36) 
  2. Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (5:00)
  3. Paranoimia Cracktro "Ready" (4:07) 
  4. Seven Gates of Jambala (4:14)
  5. Jochen Hippel Megamix (13:58)
  6. Lost Patrol (5:32)
  7. Project X (4:00)
  8. Chris Huelsbeck Megamix (17:06)
  9. Battle Squadron "Game Over" (4:57)
  10. Full Contact (4:12)
  11. Peter W : Turrican "The Tower" (3:43)
  12. Pinball Dreams "Nightmare" (4:25)

Total Play Time : 1:15 minutes

Formats : Digital, CD, Streaming
Price : Download : £6.99 / CD : £11.99 (Amazon€17.50 (010101Music)

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