Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New issue of Retro Gamer OUT NOW for subscribers!

Retro Gamer Issue 119

Just a quick post to let all you retro gaming fans know that the new issue of Retro Gamer magazine is out for subscribers, with it hitting the shops in a few days. My copy came this morning and I immediately liked the Q-bert cover.

This months edition features articles and features on the following:

  • Atari Jaguar - 20 Years On
  • Top 25 SNES games
  • Super Castlevania IV 
  • Counterstrike 
  • The History of Cannon Fodder
  • A Bluffers Guide to Puzzle Games
  • The Making of Deactivators
  • Zepplin Games
  • The Spectrum 128K

There is also the usual retro news & reviews, Back to the Eighties / Nineties, Future Classic, Homebrew and Minority Report sections.

I recommend that anyone with even a passing interest in retro gaming go pick up a copy of this fantastic magazine - or, better yet, become a subscriber. It really does open your eyes to new games and machines you may not be familiar with, and is written in an entertaining and informative fashion.

Also.. I love the glossy full page advert for the excellent new Superfrog HD game on the back cover!