Saturday, 21 December 2013

Steam Christmas Sale - Loads of Gaming Bargains!

Steam Christmas Sale 2013

The Steam Christmas Sale is now on and, as usual, there are some insanely good bargains on offer. There are far too many to list here, but over the last couple of days I have nabbed big titles such as Deus Ex Human Evolution : Directors Cut for £3.24, Dead Island Riptide for £4.99 and Dishonored : Game of the Year for £10.99, as well as a plethora of indie delights.

Tiny Thief, my latest reviewed game (see, here), is also there for £3.60, making it worthy of your time (at £11.99, they were taking the piss). Every day there are new flash bargains, so be sure to check back daily and grab yourself a shed load of gaming goodies for mere pennies!

Other retro and indie goodies that should be grabbed at the first opportunity (in my humble opinion) include the following:

Eldritch - £4.99
Delver - £2.99
Bit.Trip Runner - £0.69
Fez - £1.74
Hotline Miami - £2.37
Giana Sisters : Twisted Dreams - £4.28
Trine 2 - £2.79
Bit.Trip presents Runner 2 - Future Legend of Rhythm Alien - £2.03
Stealth Bastard Deluxe - £2.49
World of Goo - £1.74
La Mulana - £2.99
Thomas Was Alone - £1.49
Stacking - £1.74
Amanita Collection (Machinarium, Botanicula, Samorost etc.) - £5.69
Gemini Rue - £1.69
Risk of Rain - £5.59 (Not a huge saving, but still a great game)
Unmechanical - £1.74
Spelunky - £5.99
Fly'N - £2.71
Sideway : New York - £2.39
Super House of Dead Ninjas - £2.49
Teleglitch : Die More Edition - £4.49
Valdis Story : Abyssal City - £7.19
VVVVVV - £1.99
Tales From Space : Mutant Blobs Attack - £2.74

And after you have completely destroyed your brain with all these games, you can kick back and watch the excellent, Indie Game : The Movie, which is only £3.49, and well worth watching if you have any interest in the indie gaming scene.

Head on over to the Steam Store now! Seriously, why are you wasting time reading this? Get over there and grab some super bargains!

Merry Christmas!