Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Indie News - The Dungeoning - A New Roguelike Platformer

Back to the dungeon

Good news for fans of the Roguelike genre - especially those of the 2D platforming variety - for there is a new game in town, a game called The Dungeoning. Hot on the heels of excellent 2D platform Roguelikes such as RedRogue, Risk of Rain and, need I mention it, Spelunky, The Dungeoning brings classic underground looting, monster slaying, levelling up and, of course, randomly generated levels and perma-death. 

You play as an unnamed knight, sent in to, er, actually I'm not sure, as there are no details on the story line yet. All I know is that you begin in a castle dungeon and must locate a key and then the exit door in order to progress to another dank and spooky location. Enemies such as bats, slimes, witches, skulls and goblins can be sliced and diced with your trusty sword or impaled on arrows from your trusty bow, earning you valuable XP, which can then be used to level up different stats for your character. As is per the norm with games of this style, chests can be opened (providing you have a key) and crates can be destroyed, granting you goodies such as potions, fruit, keys, and weapons. You can even have a go at topiary, hacking bushes up in order to retrieve tasty berries and whatnot.

The game is currently in alpha state, with a playable demo available from the developers website (currently version 0.6 as of 13th January). Most impressive is the fact that the entire project is the work of one man, Nick Donnelly, and it is his first solo game too! This is certainly a guy to watch. I am thoroughly enjoying playing the demo and am very excited about getting my hands on the final version, which will then be followed by a full review! I have a feeling this will be one of my favourite games of 2014.

The Dungeoning will hopefully be released soon, and is currently on Steam Greenlight here, so head over and show some love.