Thursday, 23 January 2014

Indie News - Vindicator : Uprising - Demo released

Welcome to Hell

Welcome you ungodly heathens, please take a seat and wait for your ticket number to be called, upon which point you will be heading straight to Hell. Fire up the BBQ, I'll see you down there. Who doesn't enjoy a bit of casual blasphemy. Apart from, y'know, God, or whichever deity you waste your precious time adoring. Well the guys over at Gamephase have certainly reserved their seats in eternal damnation for this effort - their new game, Vindicator : Uprising. 

The game is a platform action game featuring tiny, pixellated sprites in a large, single screen environment. You are an agent of some sort who is tasked with blasting hordes of arrow and torch wielding angels, while orchestral music plays in the background. It's rather basic stuff, but it has a retro charm and the jumping controls are tight and the shooting satisfying. One problem though. The game is ridiculously hard. I may be missing something but I couldn't get past a short section where you must walk through water (which you cannot jump in) while avoiding arrows from both sides of you. It seems like another game aimed squarely at masochists (and blasphemers), but I will hold off judgement until the final product arrives.

The game is nearing completion and is expected to be released fairly soon. For now, you can download the playable demo from the developers website, here. If you have any luck getting part the first stage, then please let me know.