Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Indie Demo - Cacto Loco! - A Twin-Stick Shooter With A Mexican Flavour!

Plant versus zombies (and other unidentifiable adversaries)

If you fancy a bit of spice in your twin-stick shooter then be sure to check out the utterly bonkers, Cacto Loco, currently in development by Tnerb. The ridiculous intro song (yes, really) tells the story of two young lovers who get tangled up with an ill tempered witch doctor, who turns the man into a cactus (why not?). Being a desert based plant covered in spikes doesn't really work for our hero, so he sets off to locate his missing beau and return to his human form. Cue a top-down, scrolling run & gun affair that sees you blasting away at hoards of beasties using the needles that come attached to your body (all part of being a cactus).

With its tongue set firmly in cheek, Cacto Loco offers up some enjoyable blasting action within the short alpha demo. It has a unique design style that resembles a more polished 16-bit look, and the mariachi band style music suits the game to a tee and will put a smile on your face as you mow down the cutesy monsters that attempt to kill you. At certain points during the stage the scrolling will stop and enemies will flood the screen and once they have been taken care of you can resume your path. Crates can be destroyed to reveal health or extra lives and birds can be rescued who then perch atop your head (hopefully, minding out for spikes), awarding you with weapon power-ups.

The alpha demo contains a couple of short stages, with a large guardian at the end of each. Non-controller owners need not fret, as the game also allows mouse control.

For updates on the game progress, and a link to the demo, visit the link below: