Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kero Blaster - From the makers of Cave Story - coming this May!

New Studio Pixel game, Kero Blaster, is almost upon us!

Cave Story is a very well known PC Indie game that was created by Japanese developer, Studio Pixel. Released as freeware back in 2004, it quickly gained popularity thanks to its cute, pixellated graphics, quirky (read, Japanese) story, and Metroidvania style open world platforming. Such was its popularity that it was remade and enhanced for general release on Nintendo's Wiiware and DSiware services in 2010, with a further enhanced version, entitled Cave Story+ hitting Steam a year later and Nintendo's 3DS the year after that.

Now, the next game from this talented developer is not only in the works, but is almost upon us, with an expected release date of 11th May. Entitled Kero Blaster, this new effort is another 2D sidescroller with plenty of blasting action. This time you take control of an anthropomorphic frog and employee of a company suffering technical difficulties. Their teleporters are malfunctioning and spewing out a hideous array of monsters, so it's up to our froggy hero to take up arms, strap on his jetpack, and clear them out. Kero Blaster was first seen a year ago at BitSummit in Japan, but the game has reportedly been modified quite considerably since then.

Check out the trailer: 

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this game. With the gloriously retro graphics, cute protagonist, and generally bonkers storyline, it promises to be a fantastic throwback to the run n gun platformers of the 80's and early 90's.

Title : Kero Blaster
Developer : Studio Pixel
Release Date : May 11th 2014
Systems : PC and iOS
Price : $7.99 (PC), $4.99 (iOS)
Genre : Platformer, Run N Gun

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