Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Midnight Bite - Enjoyable stealth game, out now on Xbox Indie & iOS

Bite-Sized Fun

For those of you still checking the Xbox Live Indie Channel (all three of you), there are still some small nuggets of joy nestled amongst the throne of Flappy Bird clones and appalling anime masturbatory aids. Midnight Bite is one of those nuggets. Coming from the dependable Milkstone Studios, responsible for XBLIG gems such as Little Racers Street and Infinite Danger, Midnight Bite is a top down stealth game that puts you in the shoes of Little Dracu, a young blood sucker who has been left alone in his castle without anything to eat. With a powerful thirst on, he decides to go into town and find some villagers to chow down on, much to their obvious dismay.

As you sneak around the various locations, which include homes, castles, stables and churches, you must remain undetected by avoiding the guards and ducking into hidey holes such as barrels, chests and coffins when available. To feast on the soft necks of the vulnerable villagers (signified by their green clothing) you must approach undetected and engage your bite move. Less wimpy adversaries (donning red apparel) will sound the alarm and attack on sight, so you must keep out of the cones that display their field of vision. You can also deploy some special gadgets in order to avoid detection or capture, such as a smoke bomb or decoy alarm. There are also star ratings for each level based on how stealthy you were and how many of the coins you nabbed. 

It's fairly basic stuff, certainly, but the lovely visuals and high level of polish, not to mention the measly price tag of 60 pence make it worthy of your time. While Midnight Bite is a mobile game through and through, the joypad controls of the Xbox Indie version make it the far more enjoyable version to play.

Title : Midnight Bite
Developer : Milkstone Studios
Year : 2014
Systems : Xbox Indie, iOS, Android
Price : £0.69
Genre : Top Down Stealth