Saturday, 10 May 2014

Rubble N Strafe - Infinite Runner meets classic shooter 'Scramble'

The amusingly titled Rubble N Strafe is a wonderfully addictive new indie game that melds the continuously scrolling, endless world of games such as Canabalt or Temple Run, with the bomb dropping antics of classic games, Scramble and Harrier AttackTaking control of a continuously advancing plane, you use the incredibly simple mouse controls to make your plane ascend and to drop bombs. Holding button 1 will give your plane a boost skywards, at the cost of fuel, while leaving it un-pressed will cause it to plummet slowly towards the ground. The second mouse button is used to drop bombs, which ark towards the ground and destroy anything they come into contact with. Your plane will also automatically fire its machine guns at anything hostile directly in front of it. 

Across the landscape are bunkers, soldiers, gun towers, and sky scrapers, all of which can be bombed to oblivion. Airborne enemies such as helicopters also make your life difficult. Mission objectives will appear at the bottom of the screen as you enter new, randomly generated areas, with simple requests such as 'destroy two gun towers' awarding extra points upon their completion. Fuel and ammo crates located on the ground (or on ships when flying over ocean areas) can be destroyed in order to obtain refills to the respective meters, and are the key to staying airborne for as long as possible.

There are two planes available for selection at the start - named Rubble & Strafe, of course - each with their own attributes. So, Rubble burns less fuel and starts with more bombs, while Strafe has increased thrust and does more damage. That's pretty much it really, but the wonderfully pixelated visuals - including some great destruction effects - quirky music and frantic, explosive, action keep you coming back to beat your best score.

Head on over to the FarFromSleep website, here, to download the free beta version.

Title : Rubble N Strafe
Developer : FarFromSleep
Year : 2014
Systems : PC
Price : Free
Genre : Infinite Runner, Shooter