Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Cassiopei - Experience almost instant loading C64 games on original Hardware!

The long wait (for games to load) is over

Fantastic news for fans of Commodore's wonderful 8-bit home computer, the C64, as a new device called the Cassiopei will soon let you load all your favourite cassette games in the blink (or at least a few blinks) of an eye.

The Cassiopei is a brand new device that is soon to be released at the HCC Commodore gebruikergroep in Maarssen next month, and will hopefully go on sale to the general public soon after that. Plugging in to the C64's cassette port, the Cassiopei allows the user to load games up to 50 times faster than the original cassette (if it would load at all.. sigh). It contains 8Mb of internal flash memory on which to store your favourite games and programs in .prg or .tap format, with the ability to load whatever you want onto it via a USB connection. The only downside is an inability to use .d64 (disk) images, as the Cassiopei is connected via the cassette port, but as most games came on tape as well as disk, this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

The Commodore 64 holds a special place in my heart due to being my first ever home computer and I still enjoy dipping into its large games library to this day. The Cassiopei will allow me to use the original hardware as opposed to relying on emulators in order to avoid the painfully long loading times of cassettes, so I am very excited about getting my hands on one.

No longer will you be a slave to lengthy load times!

It also works with other Commodore 8-bit machines, with full support for the C16/Plus 4, the C128, Vic 20, and the PET series.

Please check out the following video, which explains the Cassiopei's functions in greater detail.

Cassiopei official website