Thursday, 26 September 2013

Review - Verminian Trap (PC)

Here is another new arcade style game from the talented Locomalito. I am a huge fan of his work as his games take me back to the smokey arcades I spent a great many hours in during my youth, thanks to the retro aesthetics that perfectly ape the look and sound of classic coin-ops like Ghosts 'N Goblins and 1943. His most recent releases, including the excellent Gaurodan, have been old school shoot-em-ups, and now he turns his talents to a top down maze blaster. 

As usual the presentation is spot-on, immediately conjuring up images of old Capcom games, but there is a distinct lack of music here, which is a shame as Gyrzor87's usual aural offerings are usually a highlight. The graphics are also quite drab, with dull single screen stages to navigate and repetitive enemy types that all seem pretty similar. Unfortunately, gameplay is also repetitive and actually quite dull - you move your spaceman around the mazes, blasting the spider-like aliens and collecting any items they drop and once the screen is cleared another batch of monsters, increasing in difficulty, appear, and that's it. It gets old quickly, and there was nothing here that maintained my interest for more than a few minutes. There is 4 player local co-op, but I wasn't able to find anyone keen on playing this game - besides, I really can't see it making the core game any more enjoyable.

Overall, I was left very disappointed with Verminian Trap. It failed to capture my attention and it is instantly forgettable. You are far better off playing his other titles and ignoring this one.

Title : Verminian Trap
Developer : Locomalito
Year : 2013
System : PC
Price : Free