Monday, 3 June 2013

8-bit Quiz - Retro Game App for Android

Put your 8-bit knowledge to the ultimate test!

Here's something a little different from my usual coverage of retro and indie games. A quiz App for your Android mobile phone!

I recently re-acquired an HTC Desire via Ebay, after losing mine on holiday (on the first day no less). As I had spent hard earned money on it - as opposed to getting it free with a phone contract - I felt I would look on the Google Market and see if there was anything worth playing. During my search I found multiple quiz 'games' relating to retro gaming, so hastily downloaded them in order to put my knowledge to the test. While the majority of these quiz Apps are multiple choice questions - making them pretty easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of retro games - one of them goes hardcore and requires you to type in the exact name of the game shown. It is called, simply, 8-bit Quiz and is developed by SuperDuperQuizzeses.

In the 'game', you start on Level one, which features 30 screenshots of 8-bit games. These include a mixture of screenshots from Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, NES, and Sega Master System games, so a decent knowledge of all these systems is required. Indeed, due to most of the screenshots being from the 8-bit micro computers, this App is much more suited to European (especially UK) retro gamers. 

Getting 50% or more of the answers right opens up the next level, which features a greater number of questions, right up to level 8, which features 120 games. There are a total of 350 games to correctly identify, and this is no mean feat I can assure you. I am currently on level 5, and really struggling to pinpoint any more of the games. 

If there are any complaints I have with this App, I would say that the screenshots are quite small and cannot be enlarged, making it hard to see them on smaller devices. Also, the App can be very pedantic regarding typing in the exact title of the game, and  I even found one or two that were not even 100% accurate. But these are only small gripes, and don't spoil an engaging experience.

It is a great way to test your knowledge of 8-bit gaming, and is certainly aimed at the hardcore among us. It will have you scratching your head and straining your memory banks, as well as bringing back waves of nostalgia for games you thought you had long since forgotten. For anyone who grew up with cassette tapes, rubber keys and loading screens, this is the perfect way to reminisce and waste a few hours.

You can find and download the App by clicking on the cassette below.

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