Monday, 24 June 2013

Oddworld : Abe's Odyssey Remake - New 'N' Tasty - coming out later this year! - Video Footage!

Exciting news for fans of the original 1997 PSOne title, Oddworld : Abe's Odyssey. It is getting a spanking new HD remake, and is scheduled for release later this year.

The original game was a unique adventure that combined 2D platforming, with stealth and puzzles to great effect. Coupled with a great atmosphere and setting, not to mention the excellent characters, it was a well deserved hit. The game put you in the role of Abe, a hapless alien who is part of the Mudokon race, who are forced to work as slaves at the RuptureFarms meat processing factory on Oddworld. Not only that, but he soon discovers that his fellow Mudokons are to be the main ingredient for a new food product. Naturally, he wants no part of this, and sets out to free his brethren. 

Hiding in the shadows, sneaking past the gun toting guards, and using the environment to bypass security and kill off any enemies was the order of the day. Abe could also use his special ability to possess his adversaries - cue much amusement as you then walk said foe into laser beams, or off high ledges. 

It is certainly a thinking man's platformer, along similar lines to Another World or Flashback, and was dripping in dark humour and atmospheric environments to explore. It's great to see it making a comeback, and having the chance to be experienced by a new generation of gamers.

Here is a video trailer to showcase the new remake.


I, for one, am looking forward to replaying this great game in gorgeous HD!

Oddworld : New 'N' Tasty will be out later this year on PS4, PS3 and Vita, PC and Mac, and Wii-U. 

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